About us

‘M / s. janki kashyap, the blogger / writer / reviewer behind this website. Thanks for checking out the page!

Every article and review on this website has been researched by me and my team to ensure that you do not regret purchasing any equipment. I think of myself as a smart shopper and research the market before making any purchase decision.

A few years ago when I was searching for some great appliances for my home, I got frustrated because I could not find any proper review / guide for this. Most of them were from sites outside India or sites from India were of very low quality and I did not feel that they had done proper research before writing those reviews.

So came the decision to launch this website and how it all started.

So no matter if you want to spend a little or a lot for your next purchase, don’t waste a single penny of that money! Read the article on the website to equip yourself with the right information and make informed decisions.