Sachin Tendulkar Facts | Sachin Tendulkar Birthdate

sachin tendulkar facts
sachin tendulkar facts

Sachin Tendulkar Age, Birthdate, Wife, Children, Family, Best Friends, Cricket Journey, Awards, Networth

Sachin Tendulkar Facts
Sachin Tendulkar Facts

Sachin Tendulkar Facts age is 49 Year Old. Sachin Tendulkar Birthdate on 24 April 1973. Sachin Tendulkar Wife Name is Anjali Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar have Two Children, One Daughter whose name is Sara Tendulkar and One Son whose name is Arjun Tendulkar who is also a cricketer. Apart from that Sachin Tendulkar have three siblings whose name are Ajit Tendulkar, Savita Tendulkar and Nitin Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar Best Friends is Vinod Kambli. And He started his International Cricket Journey at the age of 16. Sachin Tendulkar is first cricketer who got Bharat Ratna Awards which is the biggest prize of india country for any one. And Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth is $150 million which is about ₹11,450,482,350.00 in indian rupees.

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Sachin Tendulkar Age

Sachin Tendulkar facts: Sachin Tendulkar is 49 year old on 24 April 2022. But still sachin tendulkar look very young and fit. And he still played cricket but not for intenataional Cricket Team (ICC) but he still played for club matches where all retired player play match together. The turnament name is RSWS means Road Safety World Series. You can watch this match in below.

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Sachin Tendulkar Birthdate

Sachin Tendulkar facts: Sachin tendulkar born on 24 April 1973 in Mumbai on Nirmal Nursing Home. which is located on Dadar. Sachin Tendulkar born in brahmin family. Where he spended whole child hood to his cricket starting journey in home town mumbai. He is currently living in mumbai with his family where he have two houses.

Sachin Tendulkar BIO

Sachin Tendulkar have height of 1.65 m which is about 5 foot 4 inch. Sachin Tendulkar hair is curly and black. And his eye are dark brown. Sachin current weight is about 62 kg. Apart from cricket he have hobbies of music, collecting perfumes and playing tennis.

Sachin Tendulkar Wife Name

Sachin Tendulkar birthday2022
Sachin Tendulkar birthday2022

Sachin Tendulkar Wife Name is Anjali Tendulkar who is 5 year older than Sachin Tendulkar. She is doctor by profession. And her age is 54 year old. Anjali tendulkar is also a maharastrian woman and she speak very fluently marathi language.

Sachin Tendulkar first time meet with anjali tendulkar on airport when sachin was 17 year old. Where anjali tendulkar waiting for her mother to pick up from airport and sachin was retrunig after england tour.

Sachin Tendulkar and Anjali Tendulkar Married together in 1995. When sachin was at the age of 22 and anjali was at the age of 27. Anjali tendulkar is about 5 year older than sachin tendulkar but still she fall in love with sachin tendulkar.

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Sachin Tendulkar Children

Sachin Tendulkar facts: Sachin Tendulkar have two children one is sara tendulkar who born in 1997 and second one is arjun tendulkar who born in 1999. Where sara tendulkar has started is carrier in modeling where arjun tendulkar is also a cricketer. Currently he is playing in ipl with mumbai indians.

Sachin Tendulkar Family

Sachin Tendulkar facts: Sachin Tendulkar father and mother is passed away his father name is Ramesh Tendulkar and his mother name is Rajni Tendulkar. And he have three siblings who are Ajit Tendulkar, Sweta Tendulkar, and Nititn Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar Best Friends Name

Sachin Tendulkar facts: Sachin Tendulkar Best Friend Name is Vinod Kambli, who is also a international indian cricketer. Sachin and Vinod Kambli is child hood friend. They both started their cricket journey from mumbai where they both practiced cricket game together in mumbai.

Sachin Tendulkar Cricket Journey

Sachin Tendulkar birthday2022
Sachin Tendulkar birthday2022

Sachin Tendulkar facts: Sachin Tendulkar had played his first international cricket match at the age of 16 against pakistan in 1989. Where he had been bould by waqar younis. Sachin had made 15 run on that match. And sachin tendulkar retired in 16 November 2013 when he scored 74 runs against west indies on his home gound mumbai. Sachin Tendulkar have 24 year journey in international cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar Awards

Sachin Tendulkar facts: Sachin Tendulkar got so many awards like arjuna award, khel ratna, padma shri, padma vibhushan. And he is the first cricketer and sportsman of india who get india biggest award Bharat Ratna in 2014.

Sachin Tendulkar Networth

Sachin Tendulkar facts: Sachin Tendulkar is very rich and luxury life. Sachin have two house in mumbai. He have so many collection of cars. He is very famous for his Ferrari car which is very expensive in world. Apart from that he have so many sponsorship and tv ads work. He is the billionaire person. His net worth is about $150 million which is approx ₹11,450,482,350.00 in indian rupees. Which is very huge amount for any cricketer and sportsman to reached.


  • Question – Who is more richer between Virat and Sachin ?
  • Answer – Sachin Tendulkar is more richer than Virat Kohli.


  • Qestion – How many Times Sachin Tendulkar out on score 0 ?
  • Answer – 34 Times Sachin Tendulkar out on score 0.


  • Question – Who is Sachin Tendulkar ?
  • Answer – Sachin Tendulkar called of Cricket.


  • Question – Who Score First 200 runs in One Day Cricket ?
  • Answer – Sachin Tendulkar has score 200 runs first on one day cricket.


  • Question – What is Nick Name Of Sachin Tendulkar ?
  • Answer – Master Blaster, Tendiya, and Little Master are nick name of Sachin Tendulkar.


  • Question – From Which Bat Sachin Tendulkar Played Cricket ?
  • Answer – Sachin Tendulkar played with Adidas Master Blaster CX11 J Bat whose weight is about 1.32 Kg.


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